What Is Career Counseling Online?

Demand for career counseling online is now increasing 

Career Counseling online is such an important activity in current modern society. Getting prompt and right advice will bring opportunities to you to choose a career that suits your desires and abilities. Along with the development of the Internet, demand for career counseling online rises quickly. 

“The most legitimate purpose of man in life is to realize himself comprehensively, develop his potentials to fullness, and from there improve himself. The good life is the result of the full development of human abilities, qualities, and personality. An individual who fails to do this will always suffer from self-dissatisfaction. That mental breakdown manifests itself through boredom, suffering, and signs of an unhappy life. And those who realize and promote their hidden nature, as well as their potential abilities, will have a satisfying life” once said the famous philosopher Aristotle. From this, we can draw that: To be living to the fullest potential is the greatest goal of life to create a fulfilling life which anyone wants to achieve. 

What is career counseling online activity?

What are career counseling online activities?

Jobs and careers play important and essential roles because most of us spend at least one-third of life working. Career counseling online activities are considered to support all individuals to make choices to self-develop in the most appropriate fields as well as satisfy the market’s demand for labour. We are used to misunderstanding that career counseling online activities are to find out which we would love to do. In practice, students often make decisions according to momentary feelings, chasing trends or being disoriented so that it will be easy to make mistakes. However, this is only the tip of a process, an activity among many vocational activities. The term career guidance if understood correctly is a combination of many fields such as career assessment, career management, career development …

How does career counseling online work?

How does career counseling online work?

Career counseling online is the implementation of career guidance on the Internet system. Career counseling online takes effect with students, who need to learn a lot of career information and do not have the time or money to attend face-to-face career seminars.

Along with the explosion of technology, career counseling online has also been developed in many forms. The most common form of this is karmic interaction between people. In this form, there are also 2 forms, the first one is career-oriented seminars and programs, but in the form of online livestream, the other is 1:1 career counseling online with experts.

With career counseling online with experts, students will be advised by professionals. This method has the advantage that 1 student is exchanged with 1 expert. Experts will answer questions specific to that individual. This form is highly personalized, students can go deeply into their problems and get answers.

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