Top Potential Jobs From Career Counseling Online

From surveys of Career counseling online, most of the graduated students have not found a job in accordance with their profession or career orientation that does not correspond to the current working status of society. So which careers are the trend of 2021 and the future? Which career counseling online is right for you and not deviate from the general trend of the labor market?

1. International Business Partner

International Business Partner – Career counseling online

The job of a salesman is currently one of the professions with great recruitment demand in companies and enterprises in many provinces of the country. According to career counseling online, nowadays, this is also a job that attracts many young people not only because this profession has high potential income, but the job requirements are not too strict. If you like dynamism, choose business administration.

2. IT – Information Technology

Information Technology – Career counseling online

During the increasing development of industry 4.0, this is a hot industry drawing young people’s attention. Via career counseling online research, the demand for human resources needed for this department is increasing. IT is a large and rapidly growing field, you can find a multitude of job opportunities, such as website development, systems analysis, information management, software specialists, machine hardware, calculation, maintenance …

According to Career counseling online statistics, in the past 3 years, the number of jobs in the IT – Software industry has increased by an average of 47% per year. However, the number of personnel in this industry only increased at an average rate of 8%.

3. Interpreters

Interpreters – Career counseling online

With the economy focusing on attracting foreign investment, the role of interpreters is indispensable and has a large recruitment demand today: French, Chinese, German… Many young people nowadays express favourite to foreign languages and decide to go to career counseling online to get advice for jobs in this field.

4. Automotive technology engineer

Automotive Engineering – Career counseling online

With the shift of the economy, with industry and service as the focus of development, the role of the automobile industry is extremely large, this is an opening opportunity for future automotive engineering engineers. Attractive industry – high salary. The number of students going to career counseling online to research automotive increases day by day.

5. Pharmaceuticals

Medicine and Pharmacy Engineering – Career counseling online

Medicine and Pharmacy are not-out-of-date disciplines for students with good academic abilities or better. In any time, the Medicine and Pharmacy industry is always hot and necessary, playing an important role in the development of society and public health. Especially in this period of time when the negative influence of Covid-19 is still going on, the demand for professional medical experts increases as well as career counseling online sessions for these jobs.

6. Graphic design

Graphic designer – Career counseling online

Graphic design is a promising and promising discipline, but if you follow this you have to be really different, have real expertise. The era of industrial revolution 4.0 like today requires that everything must be perfect and beautiful, making a strong impression at first sight, the role of Graphic Design is increasingly concerned. According to career counseling online, graphic design is now an effective business trend for young people, they can get freelance work from home and receive a good income.

7. Marketing

Marketing – Career counseling online

Along with the development of the industrial age today, Marketing has become more important and necessary than ever. Marketing is not only an indispensable part of the development strategy of businesses but also of media companies. Via meeting of career counseling online, there’s a fact that most manufacturing to service companies today need a team of marketing staff to reach users smarter.

8. Nutritional Industry

Nutritional industry – Career counseling online

The company is one of the industries with high and diversified application features, especially in modern life when the demand for using clean and safe food is increasing. Industry and technology are especially attractive to young people because of the great recruitment demand but not many students enrolling. The number of career counseling online sessions from experts in this field is available for students who have interests.

9. Architecture

Architecture – Career counseling online

Architects are one of the 10 hottest industries in the future with steady growth prospects that bring attractive income for employees. According to experiences in career counseling online for this field, we can say that this industry is also very high in requirements, people need to have high creativity and good use of tools to work such as software, design tools …

10. Laws

Laws – Career counseling online

Many people imagine studying law is just a lawyer. However, a law graduate has a multitude of jobs that you can apply to. Coming to career counseling online sessions, you will know that students majoring in-laws can not only work at state agencies but can also work at private enterprises, organizations … you can operate your own law office or become a journalist.

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