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CV is the first stage in your applying process – career counseling online

CV stands for “Curriculum Vitae” which translates to a resume but quite different from the resume. So what is CV? Job CV is a summary of personal information, work experience, activities, awards, skills … candidates send to employers. CV is the main basis for recruiters to choose candidates to enter the interview round. CV is the first step that candidates need to prepare when looking for a job. Besides researching by yourself to design a CV, you can go to career counseling online sessions to get help. So how to write a professional CV, let’s check it out:

1. Profile picture

From surveys of career counseling online and opinions in the labor market, when screening your CV, the profile picture is one of the tools to make the very first impression on employers.

Insert a formal photo that can see your face directly. Being formal isn’t meant to be too serious. However, you should consider the position you are applying for to insert a suitable photo of yourself. Avoid photos where your back is turned; Your face cannot be seen by the recruiter. Coming to career counseling online sessions also help you get an amazing picture for your CV.

2. Details

It is important to present your detailed information in CV – career counseling online

Details in CV help recruiters know more about you, it may include your personal information, your education, and career objectives. But this information should be arranged well and simple for employers to screen easily as well as grasp the most important details to contact later. You can get advice from career counseling online service for some tips:

  • Make sure you include the following: your full name, contact information (residential address, email, phone number)
  • Your email address should be as formal, simple, and professional  as possible
  • If you are applying for a position at a domestic company or a non-foreign company related to countries such as the US or UK then you can include your date of birth, gender, marital status.

3. Career objectives

Career goals are the initial introduction to their orientation and desires – career counseling online

Career goals are candidates’ introduction to their orientation and desires on their career development path. Employers often appreciate candidates who know how to plan and have clear goals for their careers. If you don’t know how to design your own job objectives, career counseling online is a good source to help you prepare your objectives properly.

  • Mention the desired job or the company that applies to it.
  • Can be divided into short-term goals and long-term goals. Short-term examples like mastering something, long-term such as advancement opportunities to a certain position.
  • Targets for the company’s benefits such as increasing sales, expanding customer base…

4. Working experiences

Describe in your CV how your work went through – career counseling online

Describe in your CV how your work went through. Which company have you been with, what positions have you held, what are the professional responsibilities? Brief description of the main job, concise but complete. At the same time, give out the achievements and skills or experience gained during the work. This is the most important part of a job resume because through this section it is clear how you are capable and suitable for the job.

  • Get advice from career counseling online services
  • List in chronological order, most recent jobs predominate previous jobs.
  • Give specific evidence, or authentic data (for example how many% increase in revenue, how many customers …).
  • Select the jobs listed on the CV, should be related to the position being applied for.

5. Extracurricular activities

The extracurricular activities section is more important – career counseling online

If you are new to college or do not have a lot of experience to write on your CV, then the extracurricular activities section is more important, because it shows how dynamic and potential you are. Employers often appreciate candidates who are energetic, enthusiastic, and compassionate.

  • List community activities, volunteering.
  • Describe your own roles and responsibilities in those activities.
  • Coming to career counseling online to get advice

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