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Free Personality Test

Career counseling online test will help us have the very first view of your traits and interests about future jobs

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Career counseling online with experts gives us a chance to understand your strengths, wishes and abilities to design a proper career path.

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Career Counseling Online

Understand better your own capabilities and what will be a suitable career.
Discover how potential you are, what to expect, tips to get started, and which field your performance will be promoted the most.

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0 %

of college graduates are not working in the field of their degree after college.

Average cost of college: $187,000

0 %

of college graduates are not working in the field of their degree after college.

Average cost of college: $187,000

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Understanding your career personality helps you pursue your degree and a career that will fulfill you.
Increase your chances of success with suitable career plan
Finding out the careers that match your work personality
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To meet the demand for career counseling of students, we offer career counseling sessions in various fields that are hot and being found in the labour market. Such as the Information technology industry, Accounting, Marketing industry, Construction industry, etc.


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“I am a full-time student at KBCC majoring in Accounting. When I was about to go to University, I was so confused to choose what I want to study next. Then I was introduced, by my friends, to the Online career counseling service. From the beginning, the experts were very nice to me in explaining the procedure and scheduling appointments with resume writing and organizing the documents in preparation to pursue careers and jobs that interested me.”
Alex, a wonderful student who took advantage of online career counseling to pursue his dream career path.
“I feel wonderful. I genuinely feel like I fit in and I am being who I am grinding away. I can dress the way I'm happy with dressing. I'm encircled by individuals with comparative interests, and I can advance expertly without the formality. I sense that I'm at last where I should be… When you love what you do it isn't work any more - it's your passion.”
Robert's story makes us feel great inside on the grounds that he's a genuine quest for a new employment example of overcoming adversity. In the wake of pursuing vocation training via our service, he wound up in an unforeseen job he cherishes.
“At the point when I chose to go after this career, I made a meeting with a career counselor to get advice by going over my interests and strengths. Prior to the arrangement, I was extremely unsure about my aspiration. I didn't know how to determine what I really want to do in the future. I left the meeting with an extensive rundown of upgrades to make! I messaged them again with my refreshed forms and got much more criticism. Night-time spent on these reports, I was certain about what I turned in.”
Meg, who is studying chemistry at College
“Everybody knows coming to college is a chance to set up a character. Indeed, I believe it's exceptionally regular to change profession ways. I initially proposed to seek after a profession in science, and afterward changed to a financial vocation. Thanks to advice from the counselor that I met, I have drawn a clear path for my future career.”
John, Bachelor in Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Our online career counseling advice is based on both your career test result and direct interview assessment from experts. The test is uniquely designed by our experts to accurately measure your strengths and traits. Then the session will be taken with an online career counseling with our experienced counselors  to have a view to your interests and characteristics and help you build an appropriate career path. 

We would provide you with concrete guidance, not only advice for choosing your career but  suggestions for you to consider, given your unique mix of interests and personality traits. In our meeting we talk about you, effectively chipping away at the evaluation results, instructing you about the labour market, indicating you the most ideal approaches to explore the appropriate career and assisting you with choosing the correct profession decision, converge for yourself.

The fee will be based on your level of satisfaction towards the quality of our online career counseling service. That means that there is no fixed cost for the session, but you’ll have a chance to pay an appropriate fee at the end of the session.

On the off chance that you have a thought as a main priority and are searching for approval, odds are you’ll know precisely what you need to do when you leave. 

On the off chance that you have a few thoughts, you’ll presumably leave with some affirmed, some unsubstantiated, and some new profession choices to consider. 

In the event that you don’t have a clue what you need to do, you’ll presumably leave with a superior thought of ​​what you’re searching for and a few professions to investigate more.

Your vocation is absolutely your obligation. Vocation arranging and direction causes one to build up a bunch of profession objectives, procedures and alternatives dependent on your fitness, interests, character, qualities and abilities. Your vocation choices will drastically affect your way of life. Your occupation will figure out where you live, your pay, your work hours, your movements, employer stability, your decision of work partners and companions, and how you invest your relaxation energy.

Online career counseling advice will give you information about:

  • Strategy planning for your future career path
  • Reliable sources you can get information you need 
  • How to go about planning your current and long term education and training.